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About Us

Here at Ellesmere Children’s Centre, we strive to provide award winning, Ofsted rated OUTSTANDING childcare in the Burngreave area of Sheffield.

We are led by a dynamic committee of volunteers. The centre has a culturally diverse, competent, multilingual staff team. We are dedicated to ensuring that every child who walks through our door feels a part of “our” wider family environment.

It is our hope that each child is able to flourish to their individual but full potential. We feel that good play experiences are key to engaging into the many facets of the world.

As part of our ethos we encourage all children, staff and any users of the centre to;

  • Respect Others

  • Understand Others

  • Enjoy Difference

  • Embrace life which is all around us.

We are a non-for-profit, charitable organisation which remains focused by ensuring all children who attend the centre receive the care and education required to support their unique potential.

Fees are kept affordable. We are also signed up to the government tax free childcare scheme. We offer 30 hours of free childcare to families that are eligible. We also offer 15 hour Free Early Learning (FEL) places for children aged 2/3/4 years of age.


We open all year round, from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday, closing for a short period over the Christmas holiday and Bank Holidays.

Please contact the centre directly with any queries, for more information or an informal chat regarding places.

Have a look at the stimulating environment we offer in our Gallery of photos.

Multi-Cultural/ Multi-Lingual

Ellesmere children centre has successfully provided transcultural care for the last 28 years. Driving together a strong visionary ethos in order for children in our care to thrive. We recognise the difficulties parents face within an ever changing world, cultures, communities and families.

We aim to bring all cultures together within our setting respecting each other and we are always striving to find out more about the people from around the world, the world that we all share.


Safeguarding Women and Girls

Ellesmere Children’s Centre and Emosi aims to ensure the safety of all women and girls that access our services that includes children attending our services, siblings, parents/carers, staff and visitors.

We want all women and girls to feel empowered and safe.


Ellesmere Children’s centre is proud to be an Anti-racist Organisation.

All staff that are employed by Ellesmere Children’s Centre are committed to the children, families and community that we serve.

We are proud to be a diverse team reflecting on the many cultures of the children, families and community.

We pride ourselves on being Transcultural.

All staff are aware that Racism will not be tolerated within our organisation whether that is a staff member, parent or visitor to the setting.

We teach the children to be proud of the skin they are in through discussions, books that reflect diversity, persona dolls and many other multicultural resources.

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