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Nursery Places

Ellesmere Children's Centre provides excellent (award winning) private day-care and nursery care for your children in Sheffield.

  • Qualified and dedicated nursery / Early Years learning staff.

  • Stimulating, educational and fun activities for all age groups.

  • Comfortable and well equipped rooms.

  • Multilingual staff.

  • Safe outside space for outdoor play and learning.

Read more in About Us and also visit individual nursery sections below to find out about each age group, also don't forget to check out our Gallery to get a glimpse of the centre's rooms and facilities.

Contact us with all your queries. 

Baby Unit (Under 2's)​


In this room staff present a variety of fun and stimulating developmental resources and activities. There are designated areas in the room for sensory play, quiet time, problem solving and building, physical play and creative play. There is a separate quiet space within the room for sleeping and nappy changes.

Toddler Room (Under 3's)​

















This is a colourful and child-centred room where children are able to access a variety of resources and also engage in some adult led activities. There are designated areas in order for children to develop across all areas of the EYFS.

There is a flexible routine which is easily adapted. The children have the opportunity to engage in learning and play as well as to sleep, have a variety of outdoor experiences, be a part of our tooth brushing club and bake whilst at nursery. There are a variety of sessions available to book. Some 2 year olds are entitled to 15 hours of Free Early Learning (FEL) during term time, please contact the centre to enquire about this.

Pre-School (Over 3's)


Pre-school is a dynamic room where children follow an adaptable routine, which allows them plenty of opportunities for child-initiated play as well as being able to consolidate learning of more complex ideas alongside a qualified adult. 

We encourage and promote self-care and independence within the room. The children are encouraged to put on their own coats, pour their own drinks, learn good handwashing routines and take part in our tooth brushing club. We feel that natural play experiences are a big part of their development.


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