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ICB Leaders Visit EMOSI service in Sheffield 2024

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NHS South Yorkshire leaders visited the Ellesmere Children’s Centre in Burngreave, Sheffield to discuss EMOSI, Sheffield’s only purpose-built Transcultural Therapy Centre.

EMOSI, which means emotion in several different languages is a safe place where children aged 2-12 years who are suffering from emotional and behavioural challenges are supported as the transition through developmental stages at their own pace in a child-led environment.

EMOSI offers Art Therapy, Music Therapy and Dance Movement Therapy, designed to enable children to process and explore their emotions through non-verbal means- as opposed to the direct nature of speech.

The service accepts referrals from school staff and social workers, along with self referrals from parents and carers.

No Limits... High Spirits
Creative Wellness coaching for Black Women experiencing the Menopause


Our aim is to provide a safe and supportive space where women going through midlife, menopause and beyond can creatively express their emotions, gain insight into how they feel about menopause and aging, and ultimately explore age well.

It is hoped that attendees leave with two creative and playful strategies to help them better manage their feelings, emotions and choices as they age.

Dates will be available soon

How We Support Social Justice

There are many rising issues within our community, when it comes to Social injustice.

We as a centre, stand by Social Justice whether it be in the local community or in the wider community. 

We provide a safe space for discussion around different topics, and are always happy to help and offer our support.

We will ALWAYS speak up!

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