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Child playing outdoors at Ellesmere Children's Centre
Our Emosi garden, bringing the nature and the outdoors to children's learning and therapy.
Child engaging in sensory exploration outdoors
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Child playing outdoors in the mud!
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Child playing outdoors at Ellesmere Children's Centre
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Ellesmere Children’s Centre has been developed through community consultation. At the heart of our approach is a staff team that is reflective of the world we live in, giving children a ‘world’s’ view of a wide variety of cultural needs and activities. We believe this is necessary in an ever changing world with a need to ensure sharing, embracing others and tolerance.

We provide community daycare and nursery school places in Sheffield ensuring safe, natural, nurturing and multicultural child care, understanding of diversity. We also have a real sense of intercultural development.
We cater for children aged 6 months to 5 years and can offer summer play-care for children up to the age of 8 years.

Ellesmere Children's Centre

4 Maxwell Street


S4 7JN

Tel: 0114 2812143


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